Levi’s Orange Tab Collection

Global brand always pass the photo materials to local team to build their own version, to fit in the local insight. We turn the blocky photography into dynamic magazine-like website, to make it more energetic, like the collection original meaning. Launch Advertisements

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Clinique – Journal of changes

Beautiful skin begins with beautiful thoughts. Every small change made to have beautiful and healthy skin is worth documenting. Just 10 days, you can see the changes. At the microsite, our audience can create their own Journal of Change via social connect. For 10 consecutive days, we will inspire them with different questions about skincare, […]

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Rediscovered – Website Revamp

Rediscovered is a travel service provider, which target to create extraordinary travel experience to exclusive status driven class. This revamp targets to give a clearer branding and more inspiring website experience to the potential customers. Advertisements

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Nike – Digital Draw

Best Idea – Customer Acquisition (Silver) Marketing Magazine’s MARKies Awards 2016 Advertisements

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Mediatek – Website Revamp


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Kit Kat – One Button website

A break is required for Hong Kong exhausted living life, it is an escape to the outside world, just for a breather. Here is where Kit Kat comes in. Kit Kat offers a break from the office work environment by connecting you to the world at large. At the http://www.haveabreakhaveakitkat.com, there is only ONE BUTTON. All […]

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Asahi – Restaurant Featured minisite

Promoting Asahi as the best match with all kind of dishes, this website offers coupons for consumers ordering Asahi in restaurants. Launch the website Advertisements

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