Seasonal Rings Campaign

To promote a healthy living style, we created a seasonal food campaign through out the year. Based on the traditional Chinese medicine concept, we baked different rings from time to time. Advertisements

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Xmas Cookies Photo Shoot

Using limited setup to do photo shoot is a challenging but very fun experience. Natural sunlight is my best friend: ) Here comes the xmas angel to bring you cookies, enjoy the poster and packaging! ——My part—— Art Direction | Graphic Design | Photography Final Version

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CNY – Dessert Packaging

We make the packaging more reusable, which that is a CNY red couplets as well. ——My part—— Graphic Design | Art Direction | Copywriting | Photography Initial Draft Final version Advertisements

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New Product Line for Rehab Service Center

Task: This Center would like to promote a Positive Living Style through their handmade products. “正話” Campaign is created as a new product line. Every customer will leave the shop not only with a hand-craft, but also a Positive thinking of each product. At the very beginning when I entered this center, I do appreciate […]

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Promotion for Four Flavor Cookies

Having four flavor so as to complete our love life… Lovers sometime alike hedgehog, we got our own belief which may contradict with each other. Yet we gotta find a place for our hedges, to fit in well with our lovers. –My part– Packaging Design | Art Direction | Copywriting | Photography Advertisements

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Promotion for CNY snacks

This is a Handmade Snack Set for CNY, by handicapped people in The Providence Garden for Rehab. ——My part—— Packaging Design | Art Direction | Copywriting | Photography Advertisements

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Promotion for Handmade Cookies

Stepping in Social Service with my design expertise is a big challenge for myself. It is a change of working style, but yet a chance to experience how design can help people indeed. With the drawings of handicapped persons, the cookies and chocolate handmade by them, I gotta find a way to promote their true […]

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