Hennessy Artistry Halo campaign demonstrated the role of social media at every stage of the customer journey, riding on a live music event.

It is a flagship concert, combining stars from around Asia Pacific for fans of the brand. However, we wanted to raise awareness and anticipation for our brand instead of the artists themselves only.

Our team proposed pre-event, in-event and post-event activity, using Hennessy Hong Kong’s Facebook page as a hub. Each step may help viral out the event, as each fans become our channel out.

1. “I Dream Of” Facebook Application
I Dream Of is the big Idea this time. Fans who wrote to tell their dream and generated awareness of the show were awarded tickets. They became our amplification and awareness channel online for the Hennessy Halo Event.

2. Personalised RFID bracelets
It was produced for each registrant, replacing traditional paper tickets. Users register in our facebook app with purchasing recipt, and get the entry bracelets!

By using the RFID technology, participants can have interactive activity in the event, with their personalised info.

3. Interactive LED Wall
To enhance the atmosphere right at the entrance, participants will see a big LED Wall. They can write up their own dream, take photos, and share it to personal facebook immediately by their RFID bracelets.


4. Check-In and Drink Bar Selection
Bracelets were scanned upon entering and each time the attendee ordered a Hennessy Mix at one of the bars.

5. Instagram Competition
It lasts from the event to post stage. Fans are invited to upload the exciting moments in Artistry to instagram and tag #hennessyartistryhk2012. Most likes photo are rewarded to attend the Annual Halo Event in Shanghai.


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