As a NGO located in Tuen Mun, it can only get very little attention from public. We tried hard to promote the bakery goods in 2014, and finally we made our first collaboration with commercial company, Hung Fook Tong, which dedicated itself to promote traditional Chinese herbal culture.

Our signature product is Five-colour cookies. This is based on the Five-colour health concept which is a traditional Chinese medicine knowledge in classic TCM textbook “Emperor’s Inner Canon”《黃帝內經》. Seasonal foods are divided into five colours, which are green, red, yellow, white and black. Each colour is responsible to nourish corresponding organs. To stay healthy, people should eat the food of these five colours accordingly.

The Hung Fook Tong x Bakery Fusion Five-colour cookies are handmade by the members of The Providence Garden for Rehab, using natural ingredients and without artificial additives. From illustration, baking, packaging to delivering, our members involve in all parts and hope to connect with society in this way.


To launch the “Five-colour cookies”. The packaging also features five pairs of animals drawn by the members of The Providence Gardens for Rehab, which not only symbolize the Five-colour health concept but also embraceing community spirit.



——My part——
Art Direction | Graphic Design | Photography | Copywriting


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